The World Conservation Union () recognizes three levels of biological diversity: the diversity of ecosystems and species, and the genetic diversity within species. This website is about the later.
Species - plants, animals, micro-organisms - are the building blocks of biodiversity. Genetic variability (variation) within species is necessary to adapt to new circumstances.


Biodiversity loss is one of the world's most pressing crises. It threatens the very basis of more sustainable development and the quality of life. Reasons for preservation of biodiversity or animal genetic diversity are both historical (conservation of our natural heritage) and economical (food security, recycle-capacity etc.). At this moment, genetic diversity in animals and plants, in domestic populations and in the wild, is lost at an increasing rate. the Dutch rare Mergelland-sheep-breed

This website is momentarily not maintained. But in the future contain information on how to preserve genetic diversity within (semi-)captive populations.